Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is famous for the temples of Khajuraho that is acclaimed for its titillating sculptures and is also conferred as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Gwalior is legendary for Md. Ghaus & Tansen, its fort, the Jai Vilas Palace and the Lakshmibai Tomb. The state is additionally referred to as the Tiger State owing to its tiger population. Its far-famed national parks like the Bandhavgadh, Kanha Park, Madhav Park, Pench and Shivpuri.

The Kuno Palpur Park is in the process of obtaining the African Cheetas and is anticipated to become the only reserve with four species of the cat family inclusive of the Cheetah, Tiger, Lion and Leopard. The spectacular mountain ranges, rambling rivers and miles of dense forestlands offer a novel and exciting panorama of life in its sylvan surroundings.

Madhya Pradesh is incredible in its raw natural beauty and is well-known as the pilgrim destination for Hindus owing to the River Narmada, the oldest and holiest of all rivers mostly worshiped as the River Goddess in the Hindu faith. Narmada originates from Amarkantak, a wild reserve known for its natural beauty. Another worth-a-visit travel destination is the Bhedaghat Falls. It is here that the Narmada River converges into a massive waterfall. The place is also encircled by marbles of varied colours making it a visual treat in itself and offers boating activities. You can also enjoy the amusing comments of the oarsman as he rows his boat across the river.